Rules for Comment

January 14, 2020 § 4 Comments

Yesterday I mentioned the high court’s order amending MRCP 26.

There is plenty of other change to the MRCP in the works.

If you will go to the MSSC’s site and click on Research/Rules/Rules for Comment, you will find nine MRCP posted inviting your comments.

The rules currently for comment are (Clicking on the link will take you to the committee’s motion):

29   Stipulations regarding discovery.

30   Depositions.

33   Interrogatories.

34   Production of documents and entry upon lands.

37   Failure to make or cooperate in discovery.

43   Taking of testimony.

45   Subpoena.

46   Exceptions unnecessary.

54   Judgments and costs. There also is a separate letter motion .

Although the comment deadline has elapsed on all but one posted rule, I have been old that the court will consider all comments received until the court takes up the rule for action. If my info is correct, why not take the opportunity to have your input?

The Advisory Committee on Civil Rules has sent more than a dozen more proposals for changes to other MRCP that the court has not (yet) put up for comment. Stay tuned.


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