September 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

MCA 93-13-38 (1)  states:

All the provisions of the law on the subject of executors and administrators, relating to settlement or disposition of property limitations, notice to creditors, probate and registration of claims, proceedings to insolvency and distribution of assets of insolvent estates, shall, as far as applicable and not otherwise provided, be observed and enforced in all guardianships.

MCA 93-13-255 provides that a conservator appointed by the court shall have “the same duties, powers and responsibilities as a guardian of a minor, and all laws relative to the guardianship of a minor shall be applicable to a conservator.”

That means that in your guardianship or conservatorship you will need to file your affidavit of creditors in the proper time, publish to creditors, file an inventory, and do all the other acts and things required of fiduciaries in estates.

And keep in mind that the MSSC has made it abundantly clear that there are dire consequences for both the fiduciary and the attorney for failing to do so.

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