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January 3, 2018 § 1 Comment

The qualifying period for judicial elections is now open, and will be until the first Tuesday in May, 2018. General election is in November, 2018.

I am hearing that there will be a significant number of positions that will come open by retirement or resignation. In my local courts, for instance, one chancery position will be open due to Judge Mason’s retirement at the end of the year, as will one circuit position due to Judge Williamson’s retirement. Another circuit court slot is being held by an appointee who must stand for election, as is one county court position. Of course, all trial judges in office stand for election this year and may face opposition.

We are not unique over here in East Mississippi. I understand that there will be openings and contested elections across the state. In one district, the 14th, all three chancellors are stepping aside (unless there is a change of heart).

There is a saying: “May you live in interesting times.” It’s a pleasant-sounding but ironic statement actually intended to be a curse, the subtlety being that interesting times are often dangerous, fraught with uncertainty, and full of often unpleasant surprises.

2018 will be an interesting time for Mississippi’s judiciary.


November 4, 2010 § 1 Comment

In District 7 (Tunica, Quitman, Coahoma, Tallahatchie and Leflore Counties), Place 1, Catherine Farris-Carter of Shaw opposed Tom T. Ross, Jr., of Clarksdale. 

Farris-Carter  52%  Elected

Ross  48%

Also in District 7, Place 3, W. M. Sanders of Greenwood and Jimmy Miller of Marks faced off for a newly-created seat.

Sanders  63%  Elected

Miller  37%

District 8 (Hancock, Harrison and Stone Counties) to take the place of retiring Chancellor Margaret Alfonso.  Candidates were:  Jennifer Schloegel and Dara Skinner, of Gulfport; and Robert G. Harenski, William E. Tisdale and Fran Yeatts, all of Biloxi. 

Schloegel  51%  Elected

Skinner  13%

Harenski  11%

Tisdale  21%

Yeatts  3% 

In District 10 (Forrest, Lamar, Pearl River and Perry Counties), for Place 2, to replace Judge Sebe Dale.  The candidates were Dawn H. Beam of Sumrall, Scott Phillips of Columbia, and Aaron L. Russell of Carriere.

Beam  47%  Runoff

Phillips  36%  Runoff

Russell  17%   

In District 10 (Forrest, Lamar, Pearl River and Perry Counties), to replace deceased Judge James H. Thomas, write-in.

I learned from an unofficial but well-placed source that Judge Thomas actually received 54% of the vote, and, as a result, Governor Barbour will appoint a replacement. 

In District 13 (Covington, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Simpson, and Smith Counties), incumbent Judge Larry Buffington of Collins faced opponents Douglas MacArthur Magee of Mendenhall and David Shoemake of Collins.

Buffington  44%  Runoff

Magee  11%

Shoemake  45%  Runoff

In District 18 (Benton, Calhoun, Lafayette, Marshall and Tippah Counties), incumbent Judge Edwin H. Roberts, Jr. was opposed by Helen Kennedy Robinson of Oxford.

Roberts  69%  Elected

Robinson  31%

A comprehensive recap of all the election results is here.

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